Realtime Projection Mapping

12 Mar 2019

We were interested to explore projection mapping as a medium for delivering shared mixed reality experiences. This demo renders interactive virtual objects within physical objects using a projector and the Lighthouse tracking system.

While the Lighthouse tracking is convincing within a VR environment (where you have no visual reference of where the corresponding objects actually are), latency, drift and calibration errors are much more evident when deployed for mixed reality. Anything that is not "1:1" is clearly observable if you are looking for it.

This being said, the demo does illustrate the sort of haptic experience we are building into Invoke products. High-tech haptics add unnecessary complexity and will never be as immersive as interacting with a real object. The scene with the cubes tumbling in one of the boxes is a great example of this augmentation adding to an experience that is mostly substantiated by the physical object. Of course, more complex geometries, textures and materials can be integrated with wearable mixed reality displays due to specific limitations of the projection mapping setup.


arc/sec Lab    12 Feb 2019

LightWing is an interactive installation at the intersection of architecture, art and technology. The kinetic object explores the digital augmentation of structure and materiality, and creates a mysterious sensation of tactile data.

Produced by Uwe Rieger and Yinan Liu at the arc/sec Lab, using the Invoke tracking system.

Hosted at the Pah Homestead/TSB Wallace Arts Centre from 12 Feb - 31 Mar 2019.